Our Reviews

I just first want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to our walk and being such a HUGE hit with our kids. I am getting nothing but wows on both of you - just the fact that you took the extra step and went around to our kids was so super special. Thanks again so much and I hope that we can get you to come again next year. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

Barb O., Walk for the Cure

Thank You so Much for tending to my Party! You were absolutely Fabulous and did such an amazing job with all the children. I can't express how happy I feel seeing all of them with smiles and excitement on their faces. I know Te'a will not forget this B'day years to come, and with your contribution, you made it even more successful that it was absolutely perfect and entertaining=) Keep on with the great work that you do since you have such a wonderful way with kids! Thank you again=)

Tricia G.

Thank you so much for sending us our face-painter. As you know the theme for this year's picnic was Spiderman...our guests screened "The Amazing Spider-Man Movie" and she was great!!! She painted the kids faces with spider webs, spider masks while the older ones had "I Heart JB" (Justin Beiber) initials on their faces among any other requests! As always, you delivered!

Madonna B.

Addison LOVED it! When your princess came to the door, Addison was "star struck" lol, and she ran over to her at gave her a HUGE hug, even before the princess had time to get her greeting out! Really funny. Addison believed she really was a princess, and when Addison called me later, (2hours after the princess left), she was still soooo excited about the experience, I could hardly understand what she was saying on the phone! lol I also sent you a cute pic. Thank-you so much for the wonderful experience...I would definetly use your company again!

Kathyn L.

It was amazing!!!! It was wonderful seeing them happy...it was fun at the end when the mermaid was leaving cause they wanted to see her go to the sea...it was awesome!!!! I will definitely keep your number and refer you...and I know I will contact you for next years party...she want a pink princess next year...I will send you pictures soon...again thank you very much for making her day special and the mermaid did a wonderful job crowning them with the crowns...also I bought them shell necklaces and the mermaid told them that if they wear those and make a wish their wish would come true so the girls haven’t taken them off from what the moms have told me...she was great so thank you:)

Beatriz Z.

Thank you for providing our singing telegram for my sister's birthday- none of us were sure what to get her since she is the type of girl who pretty much has it all so we thought it would be fun to surprise her with the singing telegram and she loved it!!! Our telegram was so great at getting all the guests involved too definitely the best gift ! Thank you for going above and beyond to make sure everything was personalized for her- we will be calling you for more parties in the future!

Alex B.

The mystery theatre show you created for my family was so fun to solve and entertaining! Most of my family works in the entertainment and TV industry and they were so impressed at what a fun interactive and original production you customized just for us! You truly know how to put on a great show, with truly talented actors who are great with improv- thank you so much!

The Savages

I just wanted to give a HUGE Thank You for last Saturday's telegram. He was absolutley perfect! Everyone LOVED the song! Morgan was 100% surprised and we all had a great time! Thank you so much! And please extend our appreciation to the singer, who did an amazing job!! :) So awesome! THANK YOU!!!

Jenelle D.

Thank you again for sending our performer over on such short notice. She was an instant hit with the kids. She was so busy with them please thank her for me on a great job. We will definitely call you for future events.

Christina T.

Our princess was absolutely perfect thank you for making my daughter's birthday so special- we were thrilled to have her and she did an excellent job!

Jackie M.

I just got off the phone with him and he loved it, he said he was embarrassed so well done! Everyone in the office loved you too. Thanks Nicole!!

Jessica K.

Thank you for performing for my daughter's birthday! -- Charlotte loved you and you did an did an awesome job! Thanks!

Erin K.

Thank you for a great show yesterday the kids loved it!

Joe K.

Thank you so much for coming today! The kids adored you!!

Vicky R.

You were wonderful yesterday! Thank you so much for the awesome party. Tessa had a great time and I know her friends did too!! I attached a whole bunch of pictures for you ...enjoy! I will keep your card and contact you again, thanks!

Jillian W.

Thank you for being there on Saturday. You made the party even more fun,Anne so many people commented how much their kids enjoyed you. So thank you!! Thanks for the picture, too!


Thank you for the wonderful singing telegram this past Sunday for our Pastor Mark's birthday. Everyone loved it!

Marie B.

We had a great time today. Thank you again. Samantha is still dancing to the songs!

Andrew & Janice W.

I just wanted to let you know that I was sooo happy with the cowgirl. She was great, super nice and the kids LOVED her. Thank you very much! I will highly recommend [Nova Belle] to family and friends.

Vanessa M.

Thank you very much for helping us with our clown and games, I recieved very good feedback from the audience about you! Looks like the kids enjoyed it a lot, thank you!

Deepthi H.

Thank you for the amazing telegram! You have been a pleasure to work with!

Barbara C.

Thank you so much for yesterday. Mary and her friends loved you. Thank you again!

Kathleen C.

You are one very sweet, special person. I thank you for being part of our walk and bringing so much joy to the children! SPIDER GUY was a total hit as well!!!!!! He sure played the part and the kids loved it. I hope that we can count on you again next year - any chance you can mark your calendar?? Until then, thanks again for being such a caring, compassionate individual!

Barb O., TS Walk for the Cure

Everything worked out perfectly & I will be saving your number... Keep me in your books for next year :) & if anyone I know is looking for entertainment for their party I will give them your number too! Great job!

Desiree J.

Marilyn was great! She really made the event special and we had a great time! Thank you!

Debbie S.

It was awesome:) Thank you for having our Princess come out. She was great, the kids loved her!!

Precious W.

I just wanted to thank you so much for your time today, it meant the world to Zoe. When she went to bed tonight we asked her what the best part of her party was and without hesitation " I loved meeting Dorothy- the BEST mommy!" If you don't mind she would really like to call you tomorrow to say thank you. We appreciate so much your working with us on the price and for the extra time you were here. It was so nice to meet you and I am about to post on my mommy board all about your company.

Beth H.